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Our reenactment group is happy to welcome reenactors and historians of the British Army of Victorian Era to join the unit. The group has members from all walks of life.

We recreate a variety of historically correct impressions which were present within the 93rd Highland Regiment of Foot - Rifleman, Pioneer, Drummer, Fifer, Bugler, Piper and others. The choice of impressions is left up to the member.What unites us is a strong, passionate wish to learn through research and actions,the hard life of those brave followers of the Queen Victoria. Military tactics, history, drill, camp life, singing are but a few of the aspects of what we wish to experience and present to the public.

We pay a special attention to all aspects of military dress. We insist on the most accurate portrayals possible.

Joining our group is quite simple. Send us an email to: Private Baxter. The main requirement is the will to do a top quality authentic impression. We expect new members to equipe themselves as soon as possible.

Victorian Era reenacting is somewhat different from other periods since the dress and equipment of the troops includes much detail and unique components. We offer new members all the information and assistance necessary for acquiring their equipment. We help new members establish a sequence of clothing and equipment priorities best suited to their personal financial situation. Some new members wish to get all their kit together in the first year where as others wish to do so over the years.

The greatest investment on the part of a new member is the purchase of a period correct musket. Our group has decided, under certain guidelines, to use black powder muskets of the following types: P1842, P1851 or Enfield P1853 only. Any other types aren't acceptable.

Sutherland Highlanders alexcranius2@gmail.com